[rewatches the agents of shield gag reel 26 times in a row]

Tatiana kisses a Delphine puppy given to her by a fan at the SDCC2014 Fan Meetup

Leo Fitz Week » Day Three: Favourite Relationship

Q: Let’s talk Allison’s death.
Eaddy: I’m going to answer as Victoria. [x]



"When I got into the music industry a majority of female artists I’d seen were trying to regurgitate an ideal of the female image. They were trying to be almost a replica of what was popular. I just found that to be very boring and dishonest. I just wanted to be in control of my clothes. I wanted that choice. That’s the only thing that I’m saying. Women should not be marginalized. We shouldn’t play into the sexism." - Janelle Monae [x[

Once again for the people who insist on using Jane as the mascot for their respectability politricks and bullshit. Just seen some clowns trying to use her to tear down Rihanna the other day. Cut that shit out.


@ChloeBennet4: Waiting for the panel to begin like the professionals we are. @lil_henstridge #sdcc2014


the agents of shield gag reel is basically a 3 minute summary of what happens when you hire a bunch of fucking giant dorks to play secret agents


JR Bourne poses for portraits at the Getty Images Portrait Studio during Comic-Con International in San Diego