The McCall pack was a legend. The kind of legend that is remembered, that could become a grand story in an able set of hands. The McCall pack was a legend that ended in tragedy, and what came after isn’t the kind of thing that gets remembered for the heroics of the characters. What followed the McCall legacy is the afterward, the epilogue. The part no one bothers to read because they don’t think it’s important, or because it changes how you see the ending. But it’s actually the most important. It’s the most important because in the wake of tragedy heroes are born, but as tragedy shuts its eyes madness strikes. If the story of a McCall pack is the tale of heroes, the Martin-Stilinski tale is the stuff of nightmares. It’s what comes after the last page, what comes after the heroic death. It’s the part you leave out because you don’t want children to hear it. It’s what is left after you turn the last page.

“What happened to you two?”

“It’s not about what happened to us. It’s about what happened to everyone else, to everyone we loved. Do you know what it’s like? To lose everything? To watch every single person that ever meant anything to you be ripped away, one by one?”

This after-credits scene isn’t flowers left on a grave and a tearful goodbye. It’s the beginning of a new tale. A string of whispered rumors of how two people chose to become monsters rather than lose each other. It’s not about justice. It’s not about heroics. It’s not even about revenge. It’s about two sparks that start a forest fire too large to be contained within the state of California. It’s about lashing out, it’s about anger, and hate, and the fear that started it all. It’s about two people that already know monsters can become heroes. But it’s more about their acceptance of how, in order to continue a legacy, in order to simply stay alive, sometimes heroes have to become monsters.

Quotes from awesome female characters:
↳ ❝ No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men. ❞ - Sara Lance from Arrow

"Look, I’ve gotta get to football."

Lydia showing how much she cares about Stiles (◕‿◕✿)


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Stydia in 4x09 Perishable

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